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Hello Friday! As another work week comes to a close, I am looking forward to the weekend. A few things on the to-do list for the weekend include 99 cent sake bombs at my favorite local sushi spot (yes, I said 99 cents!) and an informal/unofficial “PJ’s and Pearls” Oscar viewing party with a few friends at Apartment 402. I love having things to look forward to! Below are some of my favorite things/moments from this week that I thought i would leave you with for the weekend.

1) Spring fever


The trees are starting blossom in LA and I can’t help but get excited for Spring. The weather, clothes and late afternoons in springtime are always make life feel just a little more charming.

2) What I wore


I know this is like such a “classy” bathroom mirror selfie shot, but I am seriously in LOVE with my new black and white floral Parabal Gurung for Target skirt! Paired with my favorite black cropped blazer, gauzy ruffled blouse and black tights, this is the perfect winter to spring transitional work ensemble.

3) Baby owl cupcakes


I made these baby owl + birds nest cupcakes for my boss’s baby shower at work this week. I love throwing baby showers and making these cupcakes was a creative endeavor for sure, but so much fun! (Tutorial on how I made these is coming to the blog next week!)

4) The Harlem Shake

Is it so lame that I just now found out about this viral online phenomenon? My roommate showed me some videos this week and I am officially obsessed—and definitely thinking of ways to film my own Harlem Shake video, ASAP. This one of Grumpy Cat is my favorite interpretation so far…he’s so hilariously miserable! 

Happy weekend!

xx, MM

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